Saturday, October 30, 2010

London Bridge Was Falling Down

Or rather, it was sinking, so the city of London sold it to the developer of Lake Havasu City, AZ.

The bridge was dismantled and each of the 10,276 pieces was numbered and shipped here in 1968. It was called the world's largest jig-saw puzzle.

The purchase also included the cast iron lampposts, molded from French cannons captured during the 1815 Battle of Waterloo.

I'm here with the WINs, who like to dance and play. The first night we went to the Golden Horseshoe.

Billy Gambler plays there 5 nights a week and is a favorite of ours. He has a great voice and can sing and play anything.

Yesterday was the 3rd annual WIN Olympics. The events included a relay race -

A water balloon toss -

Careful, Viv, don't squeeze too hard - Whoops, too late!

A whirling scramble for golf balls on the bottom of the pool -

And of course, a cannonball contest. This is Kurt, the winner.

Last night was a dance at the Eagles Lodge, with another good band. (Don't worry, the guy on the floor doing the breakdance is not one of us!)


  1. I want to walk across that bridge one day. My grandfather was from London and came to the U.S. around 1912. I want to walk where he once walked.

  2. The WINs look like a bunch of crazy kids! It's great to see older folks having such a good time.

    You caught some great action shots right in the middle of the action.


  3. I nearly fainted when I learned the London Bridge was in AZ! Unbelievalbe right? I gotta see it-
    Ya'll are really cutting the fool and a rug..what fun, and OMG that balloon of water--what a shot good trigger finger on that one...
    ENJOY--Im back Doggie sittin again;o)

  4. Your group sure is having a good time. We enjoyed our time there, but I do not recall a single water balloon toss.

  5. Oh my I would love to walk across that bridge too I never knew that that is just so cool thanks for sharing that. Yall are having too much fun in that pool LOL wish I was there :o)

  6. Your in Havasu...sniffle. I've got family there.
    LOVE the water balloon pix - a great capture.
    WINS do seem to have fun.

  7. looks like great fun was had by all!!

  8. Looks like fun! Your grandkids are cute, too!



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