Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hot Springs of Hot Creek

Crowley Lake Campground, north of Bishop, CA is the first of 4 beautiful BLM campgrounds that are on this section of Highway 395. All are just $5 a night, or $2.50 if you're old. (i.e., have a Senior Pass)

There is a lot to do in the area, but one of my favorites is going to all the hot springs in the Hot Creek area. To find them, turn at this green church. I don't know what I'll do if they ever paint it.

In Hot Creek Canyon, there used to be some nice pools, but they have been closed because the water is just too hot.

This area is also known for cowboys, and on my way to Hot Creek Canyon, a horse drive crossed the road in front of me.

Then when I was leaving, I was behind this lone horse headed towards the highway. I was afraid to get too close, but fortunately, a guy with a trailer coming the other way saw the problem and blocked the road. The horse headed off into the pasture. Whew!

There are lots of hot springs in the area, but I have my favorites. This is the walkway to Punky's Pool, located on top of the white plateau.

It's a great pool, with a warm water feed, and a very hot water feed, and a lovely 360 degree view.

But my very favorite is simply called "Hot Tub." Shaped like a large bathtub, it can hold 6 people. And the best thing? You can camp nearby!

And there's a wonderful view from the pool. (I have to take this shot in every hot spring I visit!)

If you're interested in finding these hot springs, or any of the others I've visited, you'll want to get these books by Marjorie Gersh-Young. Mine are older editions - the new versions look a little different.


  1. WoW!

    I had no idea such beautiful and affordable places existed. The shot of legs in the hot springs, mountains and fall colors in the background and beautiful skies....whew; it just doesn't get much better than that.

    I am envious but not jealous. Happy trails to you...!

  2. So, how did you get that first picture of yourself in Punky's Pool? You couldn't have set the timer on the camera and gotten down in the water in time without creating any ripples! :)

  3. I enjoyed these the one time I went with my X. I just cannot jackhammer G out camping. He and his brother grew up in Pakistan. His brother won't travel at all, and G won't go to third world countries or camping.

    Thanks so much for your note. Yes, I have a nice tiny tree that would be a good tree for camping, but I had enough ornaments to decorate ten trees....even if I do consider them sculptures. I still have too many, but things are better.

    Thanks for taking us along. I enjoy it so much.

  4. You've been to so many more places in California than I have, and I grew up here! Maybe I'll see some of the great spots you've been showing us when I have my RV - that's the plan. :) Since you don't camp in RV parks, do you get tired of being alone? You seem to do so well by yourself in places I might be wary of traveling alone. I hope I'll be braver when I'm out there, too.

  5. WOW, hot springs AND cowboys! If there was rusty stuff too, you might stay a while.

  6. Great Books to own! I'm like you I love to soak in a hot pool--I try to go the springs in Glenwood Springs when I visit my sis in CO. but it gets very crowded...You have scoped out some awesome spots for a tranquil soak. I put my car across the road for a rattlesnake not long ago..I dont know why people try to run them down-its carzy.
    Safe Travels!

  7. Keep soaking in those pools and you'll have to start Photo Shopping the wrinkles our of your toes on the foot pictures! :c)

  8. Thanks for the tips on those books. I love hot springs & will have to check them out. Love the soaking in the pool shot!


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