Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seniors Gone Wild!

The WINs had our annual Halloween party here at Lake Havasu Sunday night.

I wore the Tigger jammies that I wore at the Bandera, TX dance rally pajama party last April. Notice the "Dirty Old Man" chasing me...

Here you can see the whole outfit while I try to help John turn on the flash of his new Canon camera. Turns out I had my finger over the flash...

Of course there was plenty of food.

We all brought either an appetizer, a dessert, or wine. (We're too old to worry about a healthy diet!)

After "dinner," we all paraded around so the judges could pick winners of the costume contest.

Here are the finalists.

Linda demonstrated what happens when you play golf with Jody. (It's a good thing Jody doesn't read the blog...)

Corey and Kurt were a scarey witch/vampire couple. Corey's outfit was beautiful, and the black makeup was great.

But this is my favorite - Claudia made this outfit for 47 cents and 2 days of hard work. She is the ultimate "bag lady," making the whole outfit, hat, shoes, and jewelry included, out of plastic bags.


  1. That is a pretty interesting group, looks like fun was had by all.

    I hate it when my fingers get in the way when using the camera. Just took some pictures of my fingers while trying to shield the lens from the setting sun.

  2. looks like a great time was had by all..love the golf ball injury!!!

  3. Love your pony tails!

    I've got a whole collection of fantastic photos...of my fingers.

    Some day I'm gonna' learn how to use a camera correctly... ;c)

  4. Who WON?? I loved Linda's "costume." Thanks for the "people" photos. It is fun to keep up with everyone.

  5. All of the costumes are great and that is really neat about the bag lady making hers so cheap, thanks for sharing and it sure looks like yall ate good that night LOL

  6. what a hoot! Some really awesome costumes would be hard to judge that!! I like the Indian Princess outfit I see in the food line there..I cant wait to Grow into a WIN myself--can you fast forward time for me just a few yrs
    You seemed to be having a wonderful time!

  7. They are all very creative. I think my favorite is Fred Flintstone. Linda's is very funny.

  8. REally great stuff. I liked yours.

  9. Looks like everyone had a great time. There were some wonderful costumes by the look of things.

    I love those PJ with the feet in them. I use to have a pair years and years ago.

    Kevin and Ruth


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