Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally Able to Go Down the Hill

Finally the weather cooled off, enabling a move down to the second BLM campground, Horton Creek, just outside of Bishop, CA. The high temperature dropped from 99 down to 56 or so, in just a few days, and now there is snow on the mountain tops. What happened to fall?

Last weekend was the Fall Colors car show in Bishop.

I couldn't believe how many classic vehicles were on display, but this was one of the most popular - a VW Bug camper!

I loved the license plate -

And the 70s colors of the upholstery.

I thought this was a cute sign. US Route 6 starts in Bishop. I used to live on Route 6 in Pennsylvania a LONG time ago.

Also, there are some nice murals in town. This one shows a 22 mule-and-horse team hauling a 20-ton generator part to a new power plant in 1904. There are 18 pullers and 4 pushers. The power plant is still in use today.

Also in town is Mountain Light, the gallery of Galen and Barbara Rowell, famous local photographers tragically killed in a 2002 plane crash here in Bishop. His work is spectacular - if you're ever in town, be sure to see it.

Galen was also an expert climber. This is a very famous picture of him. To watch a video featuring him, with some great aerial views of the area, click here.

The weather was not cooperating, but I went up to Lake Sabrina to see some fall color.

I managed to get a few shots when the sun peeked through the clouds.

And maybe the pictures are better without the sun.

This was on the road up to North Lake, above Lake Sabrina.

North of Bishop are several areas where there are lots of petroglyphs.

They are rather simple, compared to some I've seen. I still think that prehistoric mothers sent their kids outside to peck on the rocks to keep them out of trouble.


  1. Beautiful photos, love the fall colors.

  2. That VW camper is adorable. I used to have a sofa with that fabric pattern! Man, it was uncomfortable. haha

    The fall colors are lovely, and I like your take on the pictograms! Wouldn't that be something....

  3. The Lake Sabrina shots are wonderful. :)

  4. Love those 70's colors on the Bug RV. Reminds me of my wild and mis-spent youth... ;c)

  5. We have been having majors temp drops too...high 81 then a low of 43--thats a wee bit cool-
    I love that VW also how clever!! Great fall shots you got too...Here not much color showing, but I think that will change suddenly--
    Im a huge rock art fan...and I think you could be right about the origins~

  6. We loved your thoughts on petroglyphs...:)

  7. Love the VW camper! And the fall colors which are NOT here.


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