Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rusty Stuff and Mount Whitney

The Eastern California Museum in Independence has the largest collection of RUSTY STUFF that I've ever seen. I was in heaven!!!

There were also old wooden wagons with "flat tires" - probably my second favorite thing.

Wow - does it get any better?

This thresher was my very favorite, especially with the cactus growing under it.

South of Independence is the town of Lone Pine. Every year on Columbus Day weekend they host the Lone Pine Film Festival. Lots of Westerns were filmed amongst these rocks, with the Sierra Mountains in the background.

That's Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states. You can hike to the top from the end of the road if you are so inclined. Claudia and Nancy, WIN friends of mine, did it last year. You can read about it, and see great pictures, here.

There are lots of tiny little roads throughout the rocks, known as the Alabama Hills.

Dozens of arches are located in the Alabama Hills. This is Mobius Arch, a short walk from the main road. Mount Whitney is to my left, barely visible behind the clouds.


  1. Well, just one more thing to write down on my "to do" list. I would never have known about it if it hadn't been for your blog. Great photos. Thanks.

  2. I love pictures showing the clouds below the mountain peaks! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You like to take pictures of rusty stuff, you need to take pictures of my Journey.

    Super picture of you under the arch. You need to do a calender of you sitting in all these scenic places, it'll be a best seller!

  4. Nobody does rusty stuff like you do! Love the Alabama Hills.

  5. gotta hurry up and retire or stop reading your blog ... the itch to get on the road grows each time you post from one of these wonderful places.

  6. I'm loving following your route south, which mirrors mine from last year - except I flew. Appreciate learning about ground things to do that I missed. Do love the Alabama Hills, wish I was there.

  7. Like I said earlier, you're in our stomping grounds. We've camped all over that area; Don likes to fish all the tiny streams that come out of the Sierras - Tuttle, Symmes, Georges, Lone Pine, and more. Each one looks like just a line of red bushes from the highway, and then you get close and discover fishable water.

  8. No hikes left in me....unless it's in water. A short walk is something I can contemplate tho. :)

    Gosh this is great stuff.

  9. Im like you-- the rustier the better!! Thats one awesome thrashing machine, it reminds me of the one on Hwy 128 out of Moab- near Dewey and the burned out bridge...LOVE that Arch, excellent photos!!!!


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