Thursday, October 7, 2010

Only Scratching the Surface

There is so much to see in this area! I feel like I only scratched the surface. Near Mammoth Lakes are several beautiful lakes. From Lake George, shown here, I took a short hike to -

Lake Barrett -

And TJ Lake.

Convict Lake was only a few miles from the campground. It was named for a group of prison escapees who fled here in 1871.

Near Mammoth Lakes is Devils Postpile National Monument, a sheer wall of symmetrical basaltic columns more than 60 feet high. In 1910, a mining company wanted to blast the formation to dam the river. Fortunately, the application was denied, and it became a national monument in 1911.

Here I am breaking the law by sitting on a fallen post. But I'm only doing it so you can get some perspective.

It was worn smooth on top by glacial action, and now resembles a tile inlay.

Also nearby is Rainbow Falls. I have to admit this picture is from several years ago. It was sooooo hot, I couldn't bring myself to walk down there.

While at Devil's Postpile, I saw crews working with big "CCC" on their helmets. I was confused - I didn't think the Civilian Conservation Corps still operated. It was a post-depression program that ended in 1942.

But it turns out this is the California Conservation Corps, begun in 1976 and modeled after the original CCC, employing and training young men and women. What a great idea!


  1. Great post! Devil's Postpile is a fascinating geological structure. I admit I've never seen the top of it like that - thank you for sharing that view!

  2. My Mothers older brother, who passed long ago, worked with the CCC in TN!! Then he fought in WWII, I have his CCC ring!! So cool to have that. Amazing sites you have shared today..the Convict lake is Awesome, and what a weird formation glad they didnt blow it up..DUH can you imagine that? Maybe a dip under that waterfall would have been just the ticket to cool off..
    What a great post,
    Have a wonderful ride today--

  3. How many pairs of hiking boots do you wear out in a year?

    No grass grows under your feet, that's for sure! ;c)

  4. Great post and pics, once again. Wish I were there. :)

  5. Another spectacular place. And the way the top looks like tile inlay is like nothing I've seen before. Thanks for taking us to these great places.

  6. Wow everything is just so big out there, and so beautiful I want to go there so bad. That picture of the waterfall really looks like so much fun to play in :o) Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a happy weekend!

  7. Interesting post.. love those Postpiles, thanks for breaking the rules to give us perspective! LOL Rainbow falls look way cool too.


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