Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On to Lake Mead

I'm on my way to Boulder Beach, NV, on Lake Mead, to rejoin the WINs. On the way, I saw this strange "cloud." Then I realized what it was -- the pollution from the coal fired power plant in Page, AZ. I've been to Page quite a few times, but never saw anything like this. It sometimes affects the view at the Grand Canyon, as the pollutants settle into the canyon. But what are you going to do? The Southwest needs its electricity.

I also went through the Virgin River gorge on Interstate 15. I was in this exact spot 14 years ago when the OJ Simpson verdict was announced. Everyone was stopped along the highway, because they were afraid they would not have any radio reception in the canyon. My sister was with me, on my very first RV trip. Do you remember that, Barbara?

Boulder Beach was having their annual triathlon, and bikers were all over the road.

The first day of the gathering, we all went to the local thrift stores looking for costumes for our Murder Mystery. Brad is playing a woman, and enjoying it way too much. Check out the expression on that shopper's face in the background. I wonder what is going through HER head...

Boulder Beach is near Hoover dam, the dam that creates Lake Mead from the Colorado River. After 9/11, security was vastly increased here, since the road goes right over the dam. All cars are stopped, and RVs and trucks are searched.

If you see a suspicious person like this, call the police. I don't mean to make light of terrorist activity, but what the heck is this?

In order to bypass the dam, a new bridge is being built WAY up in the air. This year the arch is done, but the roadway over the top is not yet completed.

I think by next year it will be done, though. Notice the portable potty up there. I'm glad the workers don't have to climb all the way down to go to the bathroom.

This was the picture from last year. The arch was just starting out from both sides.

Fifty-seven WINs are taking over the Boulder Beach campground, and tonight we had a Hobo Stew.

We even had a little visitor, a taranchula. He's about 4 inches long. I guess I should have put my hand in for scale. (Or not....)


  1. I wonder if the porta potty is there to stop workers from going over the side of the bridge. You would need your telephoto on then! Whats a Hobo stew? Anything you can find to make into a stew?

  2. Hi Diana, its always great to sign on and see you traveling and I can go by osmosis with you...
    That smog from the Navajo Generating Plant is nasty looking I wish all coal plants could be replaced or reinvented so as not to pollute..but like you say what can they do until then?
    That new bridge looks like a duplicate of the one over the Glen Cayon! Im really glad they put up that potty or you would probably be getting a photo of some guy with his pants down and a nakey bum hanging over the canyon..LOL
    That spider is impressive--but you would have to hold a gun on me to get my hand in the shot...Love em and leave em
    Have a wonderful adventure in Boulder Beach!

  3. Those little spiders are fun to let walk on your hands and arms. I have found them very docile and entertaining.

  4. Oh my Lord you were brave to even take the pic of the taranchula, I have got some serious heebie jeebies now...that is sad about the pollutant cloud but like you said they need electricity so what can you do...that bridge over the dam looks way scary, it will be interesting to see it when it is done. That is funny the way they put the pic on the hoover dam security zone sign. Thanks for the pics!

  5. I remember we were driving from Vegas to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, but I didn't know it was the Virgin River Gorge.

    The Snidely Whiplash sign is hysterical!

  6. Report suspicious activity? I think that guy in the thrift shop was pretty suspicious. HI BRAD!!

    Glad to see the bridge is coming along. Seems like it's taking forever!! Didn't they build the dam faster than this bridge?

    The smog reminds me of my youth, growing up in smoggy Los Angeles in the 1960's.

  7. When I was working for the temp agency, they sent me to an office where I was the receptionist for a week. My office was in the lobby and the doors were kept locked and I had to push a button to allow salesmen etc. to enter. They told me not to let in anyone who looked like a terrorist. Now what exactly does a terrorist look like?


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