Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainbow Bridge

Our second night we went farther down Lake Powell to Cottonwood Canyon. From here I hoped to visit the world's largest natural bridge, Rainbow Bridge. Only 3 people on our boat had not seen it last year, so we 3 hopped on Bob and Donna's boat, and off we went.

First we had to stop at Dangling Rope Marina to get fuel for the motor boats we were towing and using to visit the side canyons. They seemed to run out of gas very easily.

Dangling Rope Marina is really in the middle of nowhere. There are no roads to it, and fuel must by brought in by this fuel ferry.

That done, we hurried back up to the entrance to Rainbow Bridge canyon.

A couple miles up the canyon is a floating dock where we left the motor boats. Years ago, when the water in the lake was higher, the water used to go under the bridge.

My first glimpse of the bridge.

You can see where the water used to flow under the bridge. The bridge did not become known to the outside world until 1909. The next year, President Taft made it a National Monument to preserve the site. Teddy Roosevelt and Zane Grey were among the earliest travelers to visit the bridge.

The bridge is 290 feet high, nearly as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

Standing there, looking up at the arch was just amazing. I wonder if they'll let me go to the other side of it? The Navajo think that Rainbow Bridge is a sacred place and discourage you from walking under it, but of course I wanted to see it.

We all worked very hard at charming the ranger, and he took us to the other side!

The is the view you never see in the pictures.


  1. Beautiful bridge! Hope you got a stateroom!


  2. Great pic of Rainbow Bridge. How's life on the boats.

  3. Very cool! A once-in-a-lifetime trip.

  4. Loved this...thanks so much for sharing once again...and your photos are the BEST!

  5. You are so lucky. The last time I was there they wouldn't let us walk under the bridge. That was probably 12 years ago.

  6. Hi Diana, looks like you had a fabulous day to visit the Rainbow Bridge. We also got to walk under--we enjoyed meeting that same ranger and a Navajo woman named Sharon who was working there temporary and hoping it would become permanent. She said they stay at Dangling Rope all week and she gets to see her family on weekends, but she loves the job. It was great to stand where Teddy Roosevelt and Zane Grey once stood--truly amazing! Cant wait to see where you guys go next! Your Photos are GREAT! Enjoy and be safe--

  7. absolutely beautiful pictures of the bridge, thanks so much for sharing!!


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