Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mill Creek

Another Moab place I have never been to is the waterhole in Mill Creek Canyon. It's a great hike for a hot day. The WINs took off en masse.

The first thing you come to is the waterfall at the old Powerdam area of Mill Creek. It's strange to see waterfalls in the desert.

Once we got in the canyon, I spotted this old granary in the opposite wall.

The scenery gets even better farther up the canyon. Somehow, we even managed to pick up a dog.

Carolyn was a real daredevil, walking up the stream.

The rest of us wimps, like my sister Barbara and I took the dry route.

The trail required several creek crossings.

Before finally arriving at the waterhole. Lots of youngsters jump off the cliff here, but Peter was the only one of our group to do it.

Once again, I was distracted by wildlife. I think this is a Golden Eagle, but if anyone knows better, please let me know.

Well, believe it or not, that is about all I have on Moab this trip! It really is the most amazing place - one of the few places I hate to leave. I think you could stay here for several months and do something different every day.


  1. Oh how I have been enjoying your posts. Your photos are the greatest, and the commentary that goes with them helps me to feel that I've tagged along for the fun.
    Thanks for letting me join you,

  2. I pulled out my trusty bird book and I think you're right. The juvenile golden eagle does have those white markings on his wings and tail. Very exciting!

  3. Yep, Moab looks like a great place.

    Great eagle shot!!

    I think if and Barb had bathing suits on it would have been easier to walk up creek!! =

  4. WOW...what an awesome spot you guys found I know what you mean about Moab, I was glad to get to visit again on my recent felt like "home away from home" since I stayeds there last year. One of my favorite photographers has a shop in Moab, Tom Till Photograhy, his stuff is very expensive so I only got to window shop...but OH incredible stuff. This year I found Kanab another sweet small town with a big Life! There sign says "The Greatest Earth on Show"..and thats true! Safe Travels to your next destination.

  5. I loved the "sisters" picture. Your pics are always great, but that was special!


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