Monday, October 5, 2009

On My Way to the Houseboat

I'm on my way to Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell to join 35 other WINs on 3 houseboats for 6 days. What was I thinking?

On the way, I stopped off near Goblin Valley State Park. There's a great free camping spot on Temple Mountain Road just past the road to Goblin Valley.

The State Park is cute, with all kinds of little hoodoo-like structures.

You can walk down among them anywhere you want.

Nearby is Little Wildhorse Canyon. It's outside of the park, and a marked turn directs you to the parking area. It's a neat little slot canyon. Starts out wide, with easy walking.

Boy, those rock-peckers have really been working hard!

But it soon gets narrower -

And more challenging.

I joined back up with the WINs at the primitive campground at Bullfrog Marina. These are some of the houseboats they rent here.

My fellow houseboatmates and I took a tour to see what we signed up for. Should be interesting!


  1. Love the pics of Moab and the butt shot of Phil!

    once more, i wish i was there!


  2. Trading one house for another, lol. Have a great time!

  3. Boy, that houseboat sure looks huge. I bet you had a great time!!

  4. HI Diana, I sure hope you guys have a wonderful time! ENJOY--and I cant wait to see your pics.

  5. Great perspective shot of the canyon[ 4th down. On land and now water your'e a great adventurer.

  6. wow this place looks like something that would be in a scary movie, loved the pics!!!


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