Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scurrying Through Bryce

Bryce Canyon is the favorite national park of many people, especially Europeans. The scenery is great before you even get to the park.

But brrrrrr!!! This was the high temperature at 2 pm. (That's 7 degrees Celsius if you're so inclined.)

I knew I looked goofy, but I didn't care.

It was cloudy, but this park is so pretty, it didn't matter. This is the view from Sunset Point, probably the best overlook.

Natural Bridge is not really a bridge (formed by water), but an arch.

The sun came out for about 2 minutes. It's strange how the best pictures at Bryce seem to be looking into the sun.

Had a great free camping spot about 4 miles north of the park entrance, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Moved on to Zion National Park thinking it would be warmer. This is the free camping spot here, one I discovered 9 years ago. It's on a side road just south of Mt. Carmel Junction.

The fall colors this year are better than I've ever seen them.

Near the campsite was this hole in the mountain, so of course it needed to be investigated.

I was expecting an old mine, but it appeared to be just a hole for water to go through when it rained. It came out into a wash on the other side.

There were lots of modern day petroglyphs all through the tunnel. Looks like Darth Vader was here.


  1. Boy, you find the best free camp spots!!

  2. That's not the only place that is cold. Three nights ago it was still 70 degrees, two nights ago it was in the 50s, last night it got down to 37. Brrrrr. Hopefully it warms up over the next two weeks for the BBQ festival and the races, then we can head back west.

  3. You look quite cute in that hat!

    Love Bryce!

  4. Brr that does sound cold. Bryce looks great at any temp tho--that looks like a really sweet camp spot. I had to by pass Zion, just plain ran out of time..but there is always tomorrow...speaking of which--hope yours is great!

  5. Hiking to a nearby high point to get a photo of your rigs down below. I'm impressed. Looks like a great location -- if it's warm.

  6. I wouldn't go in that cave! Scary! And you do look cute in that hat.

  7. Just breathless beautiful pics Diana, thanks for sharing..I know I sound like a skipping record alot but its the truth, just amazing what is all out there to see in just America..the colors are just marvelous!


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