Thursday, October 1, 2009

Through an Arch and Down the River

The trailhead for the hike to Corona Arch is right across the street from the Gold Bar group site where we were camped.

The opening is a whopping 140 feet by 105 feet, big enough for this airplane to fly through. This photo is in the Moab Diner, and signed by the pilot.

The hike is over slickrock, and when the going gets tough, chains are provided.

There's even a cute little ladder on the trail.

Working towards Corona Arch, you first come to Bowtie Arch, quite impressive on its own.

The arch looks even bigger when you walk through it to the other side. We were there in mid-morning, and the sun was just right.

It looks even bigger with Linda in the picture.

Another day 3 WIN guys went kayaking on some rapids in the Colorado River. Al and "brother-in-law" Ron had missed the first time the WINs did this trip, and Phil wanted to repeat it.

My sister, Roaming Barbara, and I were charged with taking pictures. The first thing we did was make them paddle UP river so we could get a shot with a beautiful background. Then we jumped in the car and ran down to the rapids.

I got sidetracked when a butterfly came by. Now where was I?

Oh yeah - Here they come! A good time was had by all.


  1. Just beautiful pictures, and I loved the one where the guy flew his plane through the arch, that was cool, its a good thing they do have those chains there I would probably be one of those people that would need them :o) Thanks so much for the pictures, I look forward to seeing where you going next!

  2. Your butterfly picture looks sooo much better than mine. See you soon.

  3. WOW...Thats an awesome arch, has to go on my "bullet list". Looks like great fun on the River!
    Wonderful butterfly shot!


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