Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Way, Way Up

Made a slight detour down to Colorado Springs. One reason was to meet up with the Escapee Solos, who were having a gathering there.

But instead of staying at the $27 a night RV park they were in, I stayed at the Elks lodge. $5 a night ($15 with hookups) included access to their heated swimming pool. Of course, you need to be an Elks member to stay here.

Overlooking Colorado Springs is Pikes Peak, one of the 53 "Fourteeners" in Colorado.

Lots of people climb these mountains, but Pikes Peak is one of the two that has a road to the top. Sounds great to me.

Whew! Made it all the way up!

You can also get here on a cog railroad. It's been operating since 1891.

I sure hope it stops in time!

The original Summit House was built in 1873. Katharine Lee Bates was moved to write the words to the song "America the Beautiful" in 1893, after having traveled to the top of Pikes Peak on a carriage ride.

On the way home, I came to a screeching halt at The Northpole, a small amusement park at the foot of Pikes Peak. I was a little disappointed that nobody wanted to see my ID.

But I had a good time, riding the ferris wheel, scrambler, and tilt-a-whirl, among others. Even better, I didn't spend a dime.


  1. Love the Colorado photos. I miss living there - Boo Hoo. When we lived there the fist time, we went to the North Pole and mom made me sit on Santa's lap so she could get a picture of him. He was a perfect Santa with a beautiful beard (a real one!) I thought I was too old to have my picture taken with Santa but parents make their kids do all sorts of embarrassing things in order to get a good photo.

  2. Loved the photos and I love Colorado... Pikes Peak is so much fun to do... We took the cog railway... Have fun my friend!


  3. stayed at the Elk's in Bob's 5er. Pikes Peak was out the back window. Had a great time. Are you heading our way? We are very near the CO border. Be sure to do the Cumbres Toltec RR if you come to south central CO.

  4. Glad you made it to the SOLOs rally -- wish I could have!

    We've ridden the other two cog railways now -- Mt. Washington, and the Quincy mine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Only Pike's Peak left for the hat trick!

  5. I'm surprised you didn't comment on the drive up...and down Pikes Peak. I found it quite harrowing!!!

  6. Still on my list - go up Pikes Peak. If that's the end of the cog track, I think I'll drive.

  7. My experience on the cog railway several years ago was in May with snow along and on the tracks. The sky was clear, but there was snow in drifts at the top besides being windy cold. Hmmm. Didn't see those blocks at the end of the tracks. Perhaps they were covered by snow drifts. ;-)

  8. Heh, heh. I just love the PIC of The End Of The Line....


  9. I love Garden of the Gods. Actually I love Colorado Springs area, especially Manitou Springs.


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