Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wildlife Galore

There are many beautiful scenes in Grand Teton, like this classic of Mt. Moran reflected in Oxbow Bend.

But I digress... I was out to find wildlife! Here's another "brown blob," this one is a wolf.

And here's another great scene. But wait! What's that in the very center!

It's a grizzly bear stripping meat off a dead elk. Eeeeuuuuwwww! (I didn't find this by myself -- there was a huge "bear jam.")

Here you can just make out the elk's teeth.

The bear kept having to stop and chase off the ravens who were not-so-patiently waiting their turn.

Nearby was another old cabin, this one actually had a roof! Still a fixer-upper, though.

And it also had a great picture window.

But here's the best part -- Up the hill and across the road from the cabin was a free, beautiful, legal campsite!!! Wow! Too bad I didn't find this earlier.

I'm on my way to Yellowstone now, stopping for another wildlife shot, this time an elk. He was a great poser.

And guess what! Another buffalo jam!

This one was great. These two males were really going at it. It must be getting close to mating season.


  1. GREAT pictures Diane... I loved them all but really loved the wildlife... There is nothing like the Northwest for viewing animals and spectacular views. Loved the bear!!! Thanks for posting such beauty.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Just more fantastic pictures, what a great travelogue you write. As always thanks for showing me the Tetons.

  3. Diana,
    Could you include info & pics of where you are camping. This would be valuable information to your followers.

    Hugs, Joel Buchan

  4. More great pictures, for sure. Sounds like the buffalo are getting to be a problem. We need to have a good old fashioned buffalo hunt.

  5. Sorry Joel. I should be better at that. I was staying at a NPS campground, Gros Ventre. I did mention that back on Aug 15, but that was a while ago. It was a great campground, but if I had found the free spot earlier I would have stayed there.

  6. Buffalo hunt, or where's a good buffalo JUMP when you need one?

    Great pix, Diana!!

    Diana can even make me look good. = )

  7. Beautiful area. It has been way too long since I was there. Maybe someday?????????????? Dream on I guess, I am stuck in the East.


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