Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cody, Wyoming

After only 2 nights in Yellowstone (all I could get at the campground), I headed out the East entrance to Cody, WY. This is a very pretty drive.

"Buffalo Bill" Cody was instrumental in founding the town. It's now the home of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, actually 5 museums under one roof.

One of those is the Buffalo Bill museum, which details his colorful life. (He's the one here with the big gun.)

Annie Oakley performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, a circus-like attraction that toured for many years.

Outside is his childhood home, moved here from Iowa.

Another museum is the Whitney Gallery of Western Art. Their showpiece was this 1892 painting by Thomas Moran of Yellowstone Falls which I had just seen. The painting was on loan from the Smithsonian.

The Plains Indians Museum was another of the five museums. The other 2 were the Cody Firearms Museum (yawn - guess you have to be a guy) and the Draper Museum of Natural History. The $15 entrance fee was good for 2 days, which was good. There was a lot to see.

Cody is a really colorful, cowboy town. I really liked it!

This was a cute little RV.

They even have a Custom Cowboy Shop. I spent a lot of time deciding just how I wanted my cowboy customized....


  1. Oh Diane it looks like such a great place to visit. I love museums and these all sound wonderful. We didn't get there last summer even though we went to Yellowstone. We will be going again next summer so we will for sure visit Cody then. BTW I know just how I want my cowboy... He kinda resembles Tom Sellick ☺☺☺

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Wyoming is such a beautiful place...too bad Yellowstone was so crowded...I will wager it was European and Asian visitors?
    When I visited in that area we went to Trailtown near Cody Wyo, and I enjoyed seeing the grave of Jerimah Johnston..I had no idea he was a REAL character until we stumbled upon that spot on our way to SD. Love the photos you posted...I bet the Whitney Art Gallery is fantastic...wish I had seen that! ENJOY your week trippin!
    Im taking off day after tomorrow.

  3. I wish there was a comment edit button...MY Cowboy will always be JOHN hero!

  4. I love Cody. And the Buffalo Bill Museum. I named my little Annie after Little Sure Shot - Annie Oakley.

    I still long for that buffalo hide I found in a shop in Cody. =(

  5. Keep taking those pictures!! I love them!

  6. LOVE that picture with the wagon wheels! I had no idea Annie Oakley was so pretty. According to the Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City, she and Frank Butler had a long life together. I guess I should google them before I post this, but I'm going for it!


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