Friday, August 28, 2009

Touring Yellowstone

The main thing everyone wants to see at Yellowstone is Old Faithful. It erupts about every 90 minutes these days, and you can cut the suspense with a knife.

After a few spurts of false starts, thar she blows!

Built in 1903, the Old Faithful Inn is close to the geyser, and appears to have a paid buffalo guard. This guy never moved, but I'm pretty sure he was alive.

The lobby of the hotel features a 65-foot ceiling with railings and supports made of contorted lodgepole pine.

While I was on the balcony of the inn, Beehive Geyser erupted! This one erupts only every 2 days or so!

This hot pool was one of many nearby. I didn't get the name, but I liked the colors.

Another highlight of Yellowstone is Yellowstone Falls, in what is called "The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone." This is the view you get from Artist Point. There are actually 2 falls, and this is the more-often-seen Lower Falls, which drop 308 feet.

You can even walk down to the brink of the falls if you want.

Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest of Yellowstone's many colorful hot springs. It's 200 feet across, and the colors are brilliant.

Inviting as it is, however, don't jump in! The temperature is a scalding 160 degrees F (70 degrees C)!

The only place you can safely swim in Yellowstone is way downstream near Firehole Falls on the Firehole River. It was a hot day, so the old swimming hole was very popular.

The last thing I went to was the terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs. Very surreal. I saw lots of stuff at Yellowstone, and this only touches the surface.


  1. Yellowstone is just as beautiful as the last time I was there, which was last year. The first time was with your sis in 2003. Good memories and great pictures!!

  2. Have been 4 times and going next fall to see the fall colors. Loved our spring (June) trip as it was cool and there were tons more hot spots you don't always see in the warmer weather.

  3. My wife and I follow your blog and love the creative photos. You certainly have talent! We own a Arctic Fox 22 and are looking to replace the tow vehicle It looks like you tow with a late model GMC Yukon. We would appreciate knowing how that works for you as a tow unit. We don't want another pickup if we can avoid it. Thanks for your beautiful site.

  4. As always...beautiful pictures. Again, as always...I loved revisiting spots I treasured when I saw in person. Keep posting!

  5. Love Yellowstone! Wow the crowds seem to have tripled since I was there...
    I downloaded an application for summer work for 2010, would love to be one of the lucky ones.
    Awewome Photos!!

  6. Paul,
    I tow my 22H with a not-so-new 2003 GMC Yukon. It tows it very well. It has a tow rating of 7400 pounds and my trailer is about 6000 fully loaded.

  7. Gorgeous shots! Especially love the last one - wow!

  8. Wow I have to say I will definately be back to your blog. I have never traveled to far off places and seeing your pictures especially of yellowstone park I just really enjoyed seeing them. Thanks for sharing them!!


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