Monday, August 24, 2009

Over the Lake and Up a Mountain

One day at Grand Teton I took the shuttle boat across Jenny Lake to hike to Cascade Canyon. You can also walk around the lake, but that adds several miles to the journey.

On the way was a Bald Eagle who refused to look my way. Just one of many "brown blob" wildlife photos I have....

About a half mile from the boat landing is Hidden Falls. Kind of hard to get a pictures, but the falls were nice.

Then there is another half mile climb to Inspiration Point. I guess I wasn't too inspired, because I forgot to take a picture. (Or maybe I was out of breath...)

Once you climb that much, you might as well go farther up Cascade Canyon, which is relatively flat.

This mule train was taking supplies and food to a group working on the trail farther along.

There's plenty of beautiful scenery in the canyon. Thirteen years ago I was walking on this trail and 2 moose were walking right towards me. No such luck this time.

I walked as far as this little lake, then turned around.

Back on the main park road I saw this reproduction of an old ferry that crossed the Snake River.

Near the ferry was a reproduction of an old store, with a woman dressed in authentic old clothing, talking on an antique cell phone.

Inside there was a unique chair made of moose and elk antlers.

And on the way home was the usual buffalo jam. It was a great day!


  1. Ha, ha, love your comment about the "antique cell phone.". LOL!

  2. I did the boat ride and hike last year, though you went a little farther than I did.

    I like the picture of the Wild Hogs, with the buffalo in the background.

  3. Loved the pictures...but wish you had one of the "antique" cell phone. Was it a "bag phone?"

  4. Bald Eagle didn't look because you didn't bring out the D70... why look if the photo won't be good ;)

  5. Beautiful scenry and Very exciting photos! I drool for the your lifestyle. I keep racking my brain trying to come up with a way to take control of my destiny--hide from my debtors and take off!

  6. Silly me, I hiked around the lake then only went to the waterfall. Guess I'll have to go back.


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