Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow, Is This Place Pretty!

Grand Teton NP is an amazing area. First of all, you have buffalo jams on the road out of the campground almost every day. They seem to have taken off the weekend, but were back bright and early Monday morning.

The first thing I did was the hike to Taggart Lake. I love hikes like this that are out in the open, where you can see the scenery, instead of just tromping through the woods. I can thank a 1985 forest fire for this gorgeous view.

I had barely gone a quarter mile up the trail when this moose crossed the trail right in front of me. Scared me half to death! By the time I recovered enough to get my camera out, he was pretty far away. His antlers were very small, so he must have been an adolescent.

Before going to Taggart Lake, I took a detour to Bradley Lake, thinking two lakes were better than one. Wrong! This is the best view you can get. Can't they cut down a couple trees? Or maybe they need another forest fire.

But here's the lake I came for. Taggart Lake is well worth the hike. A beautiful scene with the Tetons in the background.

For years I have seen pictures of this barn on Mormon Row in the park. I finally got to take my own. But wait! Where are the tripod holes? There is almost always a great shot hidden somewhere.

Could this be it? I see muddy photographers' footprints.

Hmmm... Not too bad.

I also found this old roofless cabin fixer-upper.

Needs a lot of work, but what a great view!


  1. Diane GREAT shots in the GRAND Tetons... Love it there... My youngest daughter was named for Jenny Lake.☺☺☺ Your pictures are outstanding... Thanks

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Beautiful scenery and those mountains are great. It must be wonderful to experience the herds of buffalo, for me it conjures up memories of watching cowboy films a long time ago. Ican imagine that moose scaring people, just what any adolescent would do really. Many thanks.

  3. Diana,
    All of your photos are great (as usual) but I really like the one of Bradley Lake. There is something about it that pulls me toward it.

  4. You can't beat the Tetons for beauty, then add Diana's photography and you have majic!! Great pix!!

  5. Be sure to take the boat across the lake and hike to the waterfall. Also there is a little chapel up there where there is a window behind the alter that has the Teton's view. Awesome. We loved it there. Next fall we are going to Y'stone so we'll do the Teton's again.

  6. Wow! I do love the Tetons. Fantastic shots!

  7. Like everyone else, I am amazed by your photos! The scenery takes my breath away. Of course, it IS hard to take a bad picture in such a beautiful area.

  8. I would have never thought to look for TRIPOD Holes. Diana, you are a genius. Terry


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