Thursday, July 3, 2008

July in Christmas

We joined back up with the WINs in Christmas, MI on the Upper Peninsula, where da Yoopers get greeted by Santa year round at the post office.

The guys couldn't wait to go get a pasty, a favorite food of da Yoopers.

Open wide! A pasty (pass-tee) is a Cornish meat pie made with a "savory blend of pork, beef, potato, carrot, onion and rutabaga baked in a light pie crust."

Peggy, Arlein, and I dressed up in our fashionable Yooper accessories.

And of course a dip in Lake Superior is a must. Oooohh, he doesn't look too happy. The water never gets above 50 degrees.


  1. Dianna, the anti-Black Fly/Mosquito gear is the reason we stayed out of the UP recently. I think mid-June to mid-July is the peak time for that Wildlife....Of course I think August is peak for Dear Flies. :~)


  2. Love the fashionable Yopper head wear!!

  3. I think you're supposed to wear a hat under that headgear. Otherwise the bugs could bite right through. St. Ignace seems to be better as far as the critters go.

  4. 50 degrees! And I thought the Pacific Ocean was cold, it's at least usually in the 60s.


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