Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Look Down!

At the risk of OD-ing on waterfalls, I stopped at Aguasabon Falls on my way to Thunder Bay. They were nice, but this didn't seem like the best view.

Ahah! Maybe if I crawl down this blocked off set of stairs and bushwack my way through the woods.

Sure enough! I found the tripod holes!

Also on the way was the largest suspension bridge in Canada. It's 600 feet across and 152 feet above the canyon floor. Once again, the best view was from the illegal zone.

I wanted to get my money's worth, so I went across it several times.

Aaaaaaaaa!!!! Don't look down!

Wheeee!!! This is fun!

They also had an older, shorter bridge that was actually a lot more wiggly. If you look closely you can see the older bridge in the distance at the end of the video. It's "only" 300 feet across.

I also went across the older bridge several times.


  1. You're such a rebel! That bridge looks pretty scary - I'd have to hold on.

  2. WHEEEEEE!! More fun than Disneyland!!


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