Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Twin Cities

Wow! They must get a lot of snow here! Glad it's summer.

I had never been to the Mall of America, the biggest in the US. There are 4 floors of stores.

And an amusement park in the middle.

My favorite spot was the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, where you can see Forrest's shoes, suitcase and box of chocolates on his bench.

The Minneapolis Zoo was a terrific zoo with lots of the usual animals. But the cutest were these prairie dogs.

This mommy Canada Goose was trying to teach her babies how to beg. It seemed to be working.

There is an Imax theater in the zoo, and we went to see a 3D movie about an African safari. I don't know why the 3D glasses were so big.

Here's a clip from the movie in 2D. Now imagine the elephant's trunk right in your face.

They also had a great bird show. An eagle's cry is something you never forget once you hear it.

Leaving the Twin Cities, we were going to stay at the Walmart in Ashland, WI, but there were nasty signs all around. So we went across the street to a beautiful view of Lake Superior. My friend Corey happened to be going by and stopped and joined us.


  1. I went to the Mall of America once. Except for the amusement park, it's like any other mall, except much bigger.

    I'm in an unfriendly Wal-mart town too. I'm waiting for the Harley shop to close, then I'll go park there.

    You have a FRIEND named Corey? My daughter's name is Cory. (hehehehehe)

  2. Yes, they do get a lot of snow up there, several times I was there and we could only see those red/white sticks coming out of the side of the road.

    During the winter time the only things we found to do was go to the mall or ice fish...


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