Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Small Town Fourth of July

Munising, MI was our choice for the Fourth. Even though it is a fairly small town, 15,000 people show up for the celebration. They had the usual parade, and of course the Shriners Li'l Indys were there. They seem to be in every parade!

Along with Smokey Bear.

And the oldest resident, 104.5 years young!

After the parade, we went over to City Park.

There was a huge crowd around one of the tents. What in the world is "Chicken Poop Bingo?"

The shirt explains it all.

People buy numbers, then two little chicks are placed in the arena. It doesn't take long for the winner to be anounced.

Number 33 takes the pot!

After all that excitement, it was time for the doggie parade.

This is Marvin's dog, Charlie. I think Charlie was totally embarassed being dressed up like this.

At about 11:00 we were treated to a great fireworks display. (It sure gets dark late here!)


  1. That sounds like the perfect 4th - parade, chicken poop bingo, and fireworks! It just doesn't get any better. Love the fireworks shot - now I'm sorry I didn't get any.

  2. I'll soon post my 4th of July parade pictures, complete with Smokey Bear and the Shriners driving turtles!! And lots of cowboys "-)

  3. Did you make a bet on chicken poop bingo?? Looks like a fun time there.
    Miss you.

  4. No fireworks until 11pm. That's past my bedtime. Ours are at 9pm.


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