Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looking for Wawa

Before we left Sault Ste Marie, 11 WINs went on a kayak trip through the Canadian locks. I thought these shots were great and decided to put them on the blog even though I didn't go on the trip. Here they are approaching the lock.

And in the lock, waiting to rise.

And after the 21-foot rise.

Leaving Sault Ste Marie, we entered moose country. What is this? A moose on skis?

We stopped at Agawa Rock north of SSM to see the pictographs there along the lake. We were met by scary signs!

But that just makes it a challenge. The rocks really were slippery, but chains and ropes were provided. (Actually, I think the ropes were for assisting those who fall in...)

This is the most famous of the pictographs, the Great Lynx named Misshepezhieu, who could bring wind and storms to Lake Superior by the mere swish of his tale.

The pictographs are thought to be 150 to 400 years old, and were painted with red ochre mixed with fish oil.

Even better than the pictographs was the trail down to the water. It went through a deep cut in the rock.

Finally made it to the town of Wawa. Why the funny name?

Contrary to what I thought, Wawa does not mean water, but "wild goose." There are several gigantic ones in town.

Our camping spot was quite a surprise. I haven't seen too much great boondocking in this area of the country. But wow! We are parked at Steephill Dam north of town, at a gorgeous spot overlooking a huge waterfall that comes off the dam.


  1. YES!! Looks like a great parking spot. Beats my view and smell of the refinery.

  2. Wow! That does look scary - I don't think I could have done it. Do you realize the second picture you posted was taken at the exact same time as the one I posted. In fact you can see Peggy taking the picture in yours.

  3. It wouldn't be a WIN gathering without some kayaking. :) That's a big goose!


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