Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Is This White Stuff???

From Bridgeport we moved south on 395 to Lee Vining, home of Mono Lake and the most expensive gas anywhere. We're moving a little faster than we had planned, but we heard colder weather was coming.

Our first day we headed up Lundy Canyon to Lundy Lake.

At the end of the road, we decided to go a little farther on the trail. The trees are changing color fast.

We soon came to another lake, totally held together by a large beaver dam! Just amazing!

The beaver lodge was out in the middle of their lake, in front of a lovely waterfall.

One final picture of Lundy Lake.

The next morning I woke up to see something white on the back of my truck. What???

It was all over the mountains too. I've done this trip down 395 many times before, and thought I had the timing figured out. But I may be a little late this year.

But by the next day, a lot of the snow was gone and we went for a drive around the June Lake Loop.

Once again, the colors were very promising. I can't wait to get to some of my favorite hikes.

We're parked near Mono Lake, with a view of the Mono Craters, in addition to the lake. The craters are part of the extinct volcanic chain that formed this area.

I know I haven't showed you Mono Lake yet - that's next!


  1. Beautiful area, we love the mountains! The snow? Not so much...


  2. Snow already!? Cool beaver lodge, hope you see lots of wildlife out there. Can't wait to see where you hike, I'm sure you'll see lots of fall color.

  3. I got caught on the Eastside two weeks ago by 'that white stuff!' It was the best trip!

  4. We came south faster than you did. No snow that close to us.

  5. That white stuff is just a warning telling you to go South. Good thing your truck is 4WD. Stay too long and you might need it! :c)

  6. Love the photos... but can do without the snow.

  7. its early 4 snow...
    i love that area of ca.

  8. Love the fall colors & beaver dam - aren't they amazing to see. SNOW - just another bad 4 letter word. One more reason I'm heading south / west when I retire early 2014.


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