Saturday, October 5, 2013

Waterfalls, Hot Springs, and a Hike

From Mono Lake we moved south a little more on Hwy 395 to Crowley Lake Campground, a BLM campground. From there we drove the car back to Mammoth Lakes and hiked to Rainbow Falls.

I think we're getting close.

There it is!

We even saw a bit of a rainbow.

There are lots of hot springs nearby. Someone looks awfully relaxed. This is Punky's Pool, a gorgeous hot spring with a 360 degree view.

Volunteers take care of the springs. This one has two pipes feeding it - one warm and one hot. Turn on the hot valve when you get there and turn it off when you leave. Works great!

Another of my favorite hot tubs in the area is simply named "Hot Tub." You can actually camp by this one and I have in the past.


This little bugger joined me - anyone know what it is?

Our last day in the campground, we hiked up the McGee Creek trail about a mile.


We really enjoyed the hike, but when we got back to the campground, we had an eviction notice. The campground was being closed due to the Government Shut Down. Uh-oh! Now what?


  1. Great falls pictures. That hot tub looks very inviting:)

  2. Glad you got your hike and soak in before you got kicked out.

  3. The bug is in the family Mutillidae (common name Velvet Ants. They sting !! They come in many colors, red, black, orange, white, etc.

    More info here:

  4. Wait, wait! What's with those sneakers in the hot tub? Trying to track some dirt in? :cP

    I'm beginning to think you love waterfalls as much as rusty stuff!

  5. hey now di, great pixs i can see why this area is one of your favorite.

  6. Some gorgeous shots from your stay in the Mono Lake area, hope wherever you are now the view is just as nice!

  7. Nice way to clean your sneakers & yourself at the same time relaxin in the hot tub. Love the pictures. Not so much that BIG BUG. Safe travels.

  8. Does not make any sense they would run off campers in open country.
    Beautiful spot.

  9. I could use a good soak in that spring!!! I'd have to use my shower boots...for my CASTS tho...grrrr


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