Monday, October 7, 2013

My Favorite Hike, Once Again

After moving down the hill to Bishop, CA, we had to find a place to park, since the Horton Creek BLM campground was closed because of the government shutdown. We ended up on Buttermilk Rd near Hwy 168, not the best spot, but the view was great. (We're the white dots in the middle of the picture.)

I had not gotten to do my favorite hike to Little Lakes Valley when I was up the hill because I wanted to wait until it got a little warmer. To get to the trail head, turn at Tom's Place (that's a tiny town) and go up the hill to Rock Creek Lake and then to the end of the road.

The great thing about this hike is that it starts out at 10,000 feet, soon enters the Wilderness, and does not climb very much, while going past lake after lake.

I only went about 2 miles each way, but this is a rundown. The first lake is Mack Lake. Believe it or not, this is the least scenic of the bunch.

Just a little further is Marsh Lake, my favorite because of the beautiful marshy grass.

Next is Heart Lake, seen here from the bottom of the heart.

The trail follows close to the shore up to the top of the heart, which you can see here.

Next the trail climbs and skirts Box Lake from above.

From here you can see the two Hidden Lakes in the distance. It's also possible to hike to them. I did that last time I was here - that post is here.

The view looking back at Box Lake.

This is as far as I went - Long Lake. On my way back I ran into Jim and Gayle, fellow bloggers I had intended to meet up with at Horton Creek. We got together with them and their friend Debbie later, but I forgot to take pictures - can you believe it?


  1. You didn't get to chickenfoot lake? I heard that's the best one!!!

  2. I know, I had a camera in my purse but forgot about taking a picture until we were on the way home! Guess we were too busy talking and eating.
    We look forward to coming back to this area and hiking the Little Lakes Valley trail again. There are so many options on that trail and the scenery is fantastic.

  3. Great shots especially the mountains surrounding the lake.

  4. Isn't there some kind of rule preventing people from doing the same hike twice? I wouldn't be surprised if our crazy regulators in the NPS, BLM or EPA came up with that idea... :cO

  5. Beautiful, beautiful lakes and hike!! Photos too!!

  6. All that in four miles? Now I'm sorry I missed it.

  7. We need to go back to the eastern slope of the Sierras. This hike may be the impetus to get us there. Thanks!

  8. The area is beautiful. What a great hike it must have been.

    In one of my posts, I listed your site as one of my two favorite free blogger Rver sites and I'm thoroughly impressed with your 14 years and counting as a full-timer. Awesome!

    I'm closing in on my start date to full-timing and hope to experience the lifestyle for many years as well.

    Love your blog,


  9. Wonderful photos. So little lakes is still open? I'm concerned because mammoth times posted a photo that said rock creek lake was barricaded.

  10. It wasn't closed when I was there Oct 2. Maybe they just mean the side road into Rock Creek Lake?

  11. I remember this hike from your last trip there it blew me away.... AGAIN!!!


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