Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Very Favorite Part of Glacier NP

The Many Glacier section of the park is definitely my very favorite. Driving in along Lake Sherburne is just a beautiful preview.

The Many Glacier Hotel is 98 years old, and you can see why it was at one time known as "The Gem of the West." Looks like Switzerland to me!

Where else can you get a view from the balcony like this?

I'm going to go on a double boat ride here - no, not these boats...

They say these mountain walls are so thin from being carved by glaciers that you can see the sun shine through holes at sunset.

And we're off! Another naturalist's commentary - she was really good.

We're approaching the dock on Swiftcurrent Lake, in the lower right corner here.

After a short walk, we get on the second boat on Lake Josephine.

This boat brings us closer and closer to the wilderness.

We can now see Salamander Glacier.

And some waterfalls.

And - WHOA - some BEARS!

The boat drops us off at the far end of Lake Josephine. I chose to do the not-strenuous 1-mile hike to Grinnell Lake.

On the way there's a "Load Limit - One Hiker at a Time" bridge.

The trail continues down the creek.

Uh-oh -- I hope that's not what I think it is...

Ah... There it is - Grinnell Lake.

On the way back I did a little detour to Hidden Falls.

And then back to the boat dock to wait for our boat.

You can also hike up to Grinnell Glacier from the boat dock. I did that in 2010 - post here.

By the way, if this photo looks familiar to any Escapee members, it's because it was on page 20 in their latest magazine.


  1. It's been a long time since I've been to Glacier. Thanks for the great photos!

  2. I've only been to Glacier once. For sure would like to go back.

  3. Can't wait to get there, if we can ever get our RV wheels rolling again!

    Was that picture the remains of a tourist who got too close to a bear? :cD

  4. Can't believe that we lived in Kalispell and never took that boat ride. Maybe someday. It is beautiful - at least in the summer time.

  5. I just got lost in your photos. Went through them several times. Beautiful!!! Can't wait till we can head that direction. Now that we have wheels again..perhaps!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. That's an absolutely gorgeous area!

  7. Thanks for the boat ride tour! We plan to head out soon for that area and it certainly sounds like something we would enjoy and have never done before on previous visits!

  8. That is really a perfect reflection in the first picture! This is just a gorgeous post.

  9. What a place! Absolutely love the photos that aqua water is a treasure. Looks like it was the perfect day!

  10. When I post about my Many Glacier trip, I'm just going to refer to yours. You captured the whole thing so well. Only thing, our guide didn't tell us about Salamander Glacier, so I learned something new.

  11. The hotel looks very, very cool I must say...I bet it has some cozy fireplaces.

  12. SO glad you're enjoying this great park! I love it here too. If you make it to the west side I'd love to meet a fellow full-time RVer. - Ranger Leigh


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