Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Columbus, MT

In Columbus we stayed at Itch-kep-pe, a beautiful city park/fishing access right along the Yellowstone River.

There was even a nice shelter where we could have our afternoon get-together.

One day we went to see more guns at the C. Sharps Arms Co.

We had a tour, and I tried to keep from yawning. (Uh-oh, the tour guide is giving me the evil eye...)

Apparently these guns are really expensive, and there is a long wait if you want one.

They did have some interesting books in their gift shop.

We also went to a couple museums, also not my favorite thing. But I did see a really cute thank-you note in the restroom.

On another day we went to Pictograph Cave State Park outside of Billings. I was looking forward to this. This is what is supposed to be in the cave.

But this is what you actually see. They say that it has to be raining with water running down the back of the cave to get a good view of it.

We then went up on the ridge that overlooks Billings and had lunch. It was a great spot, with a view of the whole town.

And looking over the edge, I saw some rusty stuff! Now I know what I've been missing!


  1. No free samples at the gun factory? I'm shocked!

    You say you don't like museums with old stuff yet you love old rusty stuff? Maybe they need to have a rusty stuff museum, just for you! :cD

  2. Agree...gun factories~Ugh!!! But it still sounds like you're having a great time!

  3. Nice view for lunch!! I'm not sure how excited I would be about a gun factory. Too bad the water wasn't running down the back of the cave! Have fun!!

  4. You know - we have never been up to the pictograph cave. All the time we lived in Billings and all the time we spend there now, we just don't make the time. But I love to go have lunch on the rims. Great place to watch fireworks from also.

  5. I would be disappointed with that cave, truly..great rusty stuff!

  6. One of these days I'll get up to Montana. Maybe next summer. Thanks for posting regularly about your travels.

  7. Another example of great minds thinking alike. I was also going to do the 'supposed to look like' and 'actually seen'.


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