Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beartooth Highway

One day we went on a drive through the Beartooth Mountains, from Cody, WY to Red Lodge, MT. We first climbed up the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.

At the top of the first pass, Dead Indian Pass, is a memorial to the Nez Perce native americans, many of whom lost their lives in the battle for their land.

Whenever the WINs go on a drive, everyone wonders where we are going kayaking. They don't understand that this is the only place we have to carry our kayaks.

The scenery got even better going up to Beartooth Pass.

We got a great view of Pilot Peak, on the left, and Index Peak, on the right.

Then we got into mountain lakes and snow.

And there's the Bear's Tooth!

And more snow!

That lake is still frozen - where are my ice skates!

And we saw some very friendly ground squirrels.

One last thing - we got written up in the Cody newspaper, so now we're famous! Although there are some misstatements in the article, it was a real honor. (We don't travel in a caravan, and younger??? Than what???)


  1. Gorgeous scenery ... can't wait to get west and see these vistas again. Nice recognition of the WINs.

  2. Ya'll are famous, now! A newspaper article about you. And it recognized that you're getting younger and younger with all the activities and fun your have. WINs are the real fountain of youth. :c)

  3. Isn't that one of the most beautiful drives ever? At least it wasn't a notorious write up about the WINs. And we know that could have easily been the way it went with you

  4. Hey - When are you going to be in Yellowstone? I have been reading your blog for years. We are working at the Tower Falls General Store. We are located just south of Roosevelt Junction - where you head off to Lamar Valley. Would love to finally get to say "Hi!"

    We work every evening from 2:00pm to close - 9:30pm. Thurs and Fri off.

    Do stop by if you get a chance!

    Just ask for Kevin or Robin!

  5. The Beartooth highway beats the Going to the Sun highway in my opinion. I have been over it twice and enjoyed every minute both times.


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