Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buffalo Bill

The town of Cody, WY was named after Buffalo Bill Cody, who was instrumental in founding the town.

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center in town is actually 5 museums under one roof. It takes so long to go through it that your admission is good for 2 days.

The Greater Yellowstone Natural History Museum features a lot of the natural history of the area.

The exhibits are even better than the ones in Cabelas!

The Buffalo Bill Museum has a lot of information on the great man himself. You can even see his old home, which has been moved to the backyard here.

He became world famous for his Wild West shows, which toured in the US and Europe.

The Plains Indian Museum tells the story of the lives of the Plains Indian people. There is also a Western Art Museum.

And my least favorite, the Cody Firearms Museum. I went through that one in about 5 minutes.

Fairly new is the Raptor Experience. They have a show in the afternoon -

Then later you can get up-close-and-personal with the various birds. This is a Golden Eagle and the previous picture is a Red-Tailed Hawk.

All of the birds have been injured and cannot survive in the wild. You can see the damaged right wing on this Peregrine Falcon.

Later in the day, our WIN group did our best imitations of Buffalo Bill.


  1. I love, love, love that museum. I'm so wanting to go there again. I agree, the firearm section was boring... I'm so enjoying your visit!!!

  2. Great group shot! I only spent five minutes in the gun museum too.

  3. I would have trouble spending 5 minutes with the guns but Jim would be lost for a long time in there. We really enjoy the Cody area.

  4. I like the look. Now get some Gorilla Glue and make it permanent. :cD

  5. A lot more to see than when I was there - many many moons ago. Terry would probably spend a lot more than five minutes viewing the firearms. Me - five would be plenty.

  6. Spent maybe 10 minutes in the Buffalo Bill portion and maybe 10 minutes in the Plains Indians part. The remainder of the day was in the Western Art Museum and perhaps an hour in the Gun Collection.
    I am surprised that you didn't even mention the Western Art Collection. It is GREAT!


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