Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rest of Sheridan

As I mentioned in the last post, Sheridan is an old cowboy town. I was surprised that this store is really a JC Penney store.

One more of the many statues in town.

We had a tour of King's Ropes in town. They make ropes of any weight, color, or material. Even pink ones!

Here our guide is demonstrating how they twist the rope.

It's also the home of Kings Saddlery, in case you are in the market for an expensive saddle.

Another day, we went on a beautiful hike up the Tongue River Canyon. Once again, as soon as I stop to take a picture, I'm way behind. But that was okay - they have to come back this way.

Oh look - one of my favorite flowers, a Salsify. (Oh no, now I'm ever further behind...)

The Salsify is also photogenic in seed - it looks like a really big dandelion seed.

We had been warned that the trail was the place for the start of the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run. On our return trip, we spotted them coming up the trail.

I stepped off the trail and just took pictures. There were at least a hundred runners. This cute guy actually smiled at me! Since this was the start of the run, everyone was pretty close together. The race takes 20 hours, and they run through the night. They go up and back, over two mountains.

Finally, they passed, and we continued back to our cars.

It was a gorgeous hike, with lots of wonderful rock formations along the way.


  1. Salsify! I'm so glad to know what those big dandelion-like things are. Saw some while hiking - you're right - in both forms, they're beautiful.

    Sheridan looks like a fun place to visit!

  2. Cute JCP sign...even cuter runner! I like to run, but not up and down mountains, walking up them is hard enough!

  3. Oooh, rocks! That looks like a nice hike. But a 100 mile race? They must be crazy.

  4. I need a new saddle I tossed my old one out just last month...I had it since the age of 15..BUT I had to let it go....squirrels had chewed it till it was no longer usable..and the only way to get a new is to get rid of the old...
    100 miles WOW...I admire them.

  5. I like hiking trails, but running them in the dark? I'm afraid of even just walking in the dark... :cO

  6. Well, I think the runners are just plain nuts. It's really amazing how much there is in such a small town like Sheridan.

  7. That looks like a nice canyon to hike. Sure glad you share this places; gives me ideas for when I in the area.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I like finding full time RVer blogs to read and learn from.


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