Friday, August 2, 2013

Hiking on Top of the World

Yes, it really feels like that! This is my favorite hike so far in Glacier NP. I've done it several times before, but never get tired of it.

The Highline trail starts at Logan Pass in the middle of the park, across the street from the Visitors' Center. The first part is along the side of a cliff, but it is plenty wide enough, and there is a chain to hold on to if you get nervous.

It looks scarier when you look back on it.

Almost immediately, the goats/hiking guides appear.

They are also happy to pose for pictures.

A lot of the hikers want to go faster than the goats, and the goats will step off the path for you. They are very polite.

There is other wildlife too - a very cute ground squirrel -

And several marmots.

A split second after I took this picture, this marmot tried to bite my foot. I really don't think they can see very well, and he thought my foot was a big flower.

But my shoes are pretty tough, and got away with just a couple small scratches.

This was a big year for Beargrass in the park. It is pretty much past-peak now, but still very pretty.

Beargrass was named by Lewis and Clark. The weird thing is that bears don't like it and it isn't really a grass.

Here's a good-looking one.


You get good views of the Garden Wall along the trail. It was formed by glaciers scraping on both sides.

And you get to walk through a couple waterfalls.

You really do feel like you are walking on top of the world!

Awwww..... Hi there! What's your baby's name?

Two guys posing - Smile!

A short movie showing how you pass a goat.

We saw some more babies on the way back. This one was a little sleepy...

But this one was wide awake, and right near the trailhead.

Need I say it???


  1. Diana I am loving your time in Glacier. I was there in 2011 and broke my ankle three days in and didn't get to do any of this so I'm making notes for my return trip. This hike is definitely a MUST do. Aside: I have the same note above my comment block. Comments really are great aren't they.


  2. These photos are great - I think I'd LOVE this hike if it wasn't on the side of a mountain. It's just beautiful, and I'd love seeing the animals, especially the goats. Your poor shoe - imagine if you were wearing sandals!

  3. Alright. I've written down this hike for future reference. Gotta do it. Thanks.

  4. I guess we really should have gone farther on this trail. It's great having a continuous view while hiking.

  5. Wow-what a great hike! Looks like in some places one wrong step would be the last one you get to take!

  6. My sandals would not be a good thing to wear so I guess it's a good thing that we won't ever be up there. But I love your guides. Those babies are just so cute.

  7. Who raised those mountain goats to be so polite? Many humans could learn from them... ;c)

  8. Love the trail ... love the goats. We saw some kids on the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper ... so adorable.

  9. That was an awesome look at this hike...When i hiked there the chains were rubber garden hoses...I didnt get to hike the full length of the trail...Mom was waiting at the car she was too scared to try it. Love the goats, they are such mountaineers!! The flowers looks great too.

  10. Awesome hike!! I can only imagine what those views are like in person since the pictures were so good!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Great photos. I always enjoy them.
    I like your new truck. Is it a half ton truck with a V8 engine and automatic transmission? Does it do a good job towing your trailer?


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