Friday, July 19, 2013

Canyon Ferry Lake

After Columbus, the WINs moved on to a beautiful spot on the banks of Canyon Ferry Lake.

There are lots of American White Pelicans on the water and flying by. I think this guy in an immature one because of the grey on the back of his head.

And nearby is an osprey nest. I was really far away when I took this, but she was squawking at us anyway.

And we even saw a Sandhill Crane from a great distance.

Here I thought I was taking a picture of a bee, but I was surprised when I looked at the photo. It is actually a spider eating a bee! I read that these spiders can change color to match the flowers they are sitting on, and this one has done just that. They don't spin webs, just sit and wait for an insect to come by.

On Saturday, we went to an air show at the local airport. It was kind of interesting...

I liked this one.

Then one day we went around the lake to one of the richest gold mine areas in history. We went up Confederate Gulch, where the guys tried to figure out what this was.

But I had thought ahead and brought my gold pan that I've been carrying around for ages.

I don't see anything shiny....

Paulette is from Alaska and knows how to pan, so she gave me some lessons.

Wow!!! This is much better!!!


  1. That camouflaged spider is amazing!

  2. Love your Osprey picture. But that one of the spider is fabulous. A two fer that is a keeper. Jim loves to fish on Canyon Ferry.

  3. That's the strangest looking gold I've ever seen! :c)

  4. Haha! I could get into that kind of pan-handling.

    Cool and creepy spider, and what a camo job!

  5. WOW that spider is sneaky! Super that saw a sandhill crane and the other bird photos are awesome!!

  6. Great picture of the spider.

    I guess panning for dollars is more lucrative than panning for gold there, eh?

  7. Your spider and bee photo should win a contest! Neat!

  8. Wow! That really was the mother lode!

  9. You guys did a lot before I got there! But I loved the pic of the spider.


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