Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm Really Moving Now!

The other stop we made on the road trip to Pennsylvania was in Durham, NC to see Phil's relatives, especially his favorite neice, JoAnna.

We also got to see his brother Dennis and sister-in-law Susan, along with nephew-dog Riley, who is a wiz at playing the shell game.

From there, my Aunt Mimi and I hightailed it up to Pennsylvania in one day! The trees were blooming beautifully at my father's house.

I stayed across the street on the property of the World's-Best-Neighbors, Steve and Nancy. I had some other rather loud neighbors, but I learned to put Kleenex in my ears at night so I didn't wake up at 4am.

I managed to get a very rare photo of my father and his two sisters. Beatrice (my Aunt Bea) is on the left, and Millicent (my Aunt Mimi) is on the right.

The last time they got their pictures taken together was in 1981.

And here's an earlier one, maybe late 1940s -

About the time of my parent's wedding. Aunt Bea is on the left, holding my one-and-only cousin Linda, and Aunt Mimi is next to her, with my Uncle Clarence, who passed away in 2010. My grandmother is next to him.

Here's a picture of the 3 siblings from 1931. They grew up in the idylic town of Boiling Springs, PA.

And here's an even earlier photo. (My father is going to kill me...)

Now for the really sad part... A few days after the sibling reunion, my Aunt Bea passed away suddenly. I am so glad they got to see each other a final time.


  1. Sorry to hear about Aunt Bea. But it was truly wonderful that they were able to be together one last time. And you have the pictures to keep the memories.

  2. It's always sad to lose those elderly aunts and uncles that have been in our lives, forever. It appears she had a long, fulfilling life within a loving family.

  3. That is so sad, thankfully they all had a good visit before your aunt passed away. Glad you were there with your camera to document the moment.

    From all the pictures of you dad's and sister's lives, they must have been very close. That must make it harder to deal with.

    You've certainly been a blessing to all of them.

  4. I didn't have that last picture. That really was wonderful that you did all that. What amazing timing.

  5. So good that you took your aunt Mimi to PA when you did and they had a sibling reunion.
    Love the family pictures.

  6. One of those trips that was meant to be. My condolences to you all.

  7. Great family get-together and good that your aunt Bea got to see it happen.

  8. Sad for sure. Thanks for sharing those old family pictures.

  9. Loved the family pictures and so sad about your Aunt. I'm sure she was glad about the get together, as you all are.

  10. OH NO! I was so happy reading this and seeing their photos over time and then the sad news at the end...terrible. I am glad they got to be together for what was the last time...

  11. the reunion will be a bitter sweet memory that all will cherish


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