Saturday, May 11, 2013


The first themed dance at the Dance Rally in Bandera, TX was Pirate Night. Since the WINs' Dance Rally with a pirate theme was cancelled for lack of pre-registration 2 years ago, a lot of us had pirate attire.

Phil looks pretty good in his dreadlocks, huh?

This was my favorite costume - Carolyn with the parrot on her shoulder and the hook for a hand.


Pat challenged me to a duel, but she only had a tiny knife, but I had a big sword. Guess who won....

We were so happy to see Ronnie Furr again after we missed the dance rally the last 2 years. He is such a great entertainer.

A group pirate photo - I'm on the lower right.

Back to Sonora Caverns - I forgot to put in a great photo of a peahen in the parking lot admiring her reflection in Phil's bumper.

Fast forward again... On Wednesday nights, they have a Burn-Your-Own dinner and dance at the 11th Street Bar in town.

Bring your own meat to cook, and buy the side dishes there.

All the yellow shirts, and a lot of the other ones, belonged to our group.

I even found a real cowboy there!

But just in case he's not perfect, there is a COWBOY STORE here!!!!! I wonder how much they cost?


  1. Don't worry about how much a cowboy costs. With that pirate getup, you can just plunder a few! :c)

  2. Love your pirate attire and Phil's dreadlocks.

    Where is that cowboy store? I want to buy a cowboy!

  3. Phil makes a great lookin' pirate. Did he have his chest of gold with him? Your costume is fantastic. But I'm still waiting for a picture of those tight jeans.

  4. Great costumes! You are just having too much fun. Cowboy store, huh? I wonder if they take trade-ins? (Don't tell Russ!!)

  5. We love bring your own steak night! What a mix- pirates and cowboys :)

  6. You look great in your pirate costume. I see you even got a tattoo. Is that a real bull that guy is riding?

  7. If I were a peahen I'd probably admire my own reflection as well!


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