Friday, May 24, 2013

OMG - Is That the Atlantic Ocean?!?

I've made it all the way to St. Augustine, FL! Certainly the first time I've see the Atlantic Ocean in a VERY long time. I love old forts by the sea, so off we went to Castillo de San Marcos.

This fort actually still has all its four corners.

You enter over a drawbridge, which looks like it should have a moat underneath, but in fact was then, and is now, dry.

I'll do anything to get the shot!

This is the oldest masonry fort in the continental US. Construction began in 1672 - 107 years after the city was founded! Of course, it belonged to Spain at the time...

Wow! I loved all the cannons.

Some were quite fancy.

Just look at that detail!

The fort is made of a stone called "coquina," Spanish for "small shells."

Very old outhouses???

Inside are some old etchings of British ships.

Next, I was off to the St. Augustine lighthouse.

The bottom floor was decorated much as it would have been in the past.

Clpimb 219 steps to the top -

To see the Fresnel Lens -

And a great view!


  1. Wow another great old fort. That is too neat. You have booked some miles in just a few days! Have a great weekend.

  2. I never knew you could climb the St. Augustine lighthouse! Now I have to make another trip.

  3. What a great place to visit. You didn't run across any old Spanish doubloons did you???

  4. You are so close to me. I am 20 miles down the road in Bunnell off hiway 1. I will try to wave when you go by!!

  5. See what you've been missing all these years! The Atlantic Ocean won't bite, really! ;c)

  6. Love St. Augustine. I was there 6 months ago and also fascinated with the coquina. Check out the beach at Anastasia State Park. It's undeveloped and lovely.

  7. How fun - we were at that fort and I had to drag Jim away from the canons. Then he was such a good guy he climbed all the steps in the lighthouse to take pictures for me.

  8. I'm just up the road in Jacksonville. I've been thinking of heading down St.Augustine way, but it might be difficult on a holiday weekend. Where are you headed next? Don't know if you meet up with followers, but it would be nice to meet you. I will be full-time traveling in just two weeks from now.

  9. Oh, sorry - I spent a week in Jacksonville, so would have loved to have met up with you. Unfortunately, I'm really behind on the blog and am not anywhere near there now. See you down the road.

  10. St. Augustine is such an interesting old town. Thanks for bringing back old memories.

  11. Roger should have commented that we are finally seeing the PACIFIC ocean, and that we are very near another lighthouse with an antique Fresnel lens (Umpqua). The one here is red and clear.
    We loved St. Augustine and hope you enjoy it, too!

  12. Isn't that a great fort? We loved it and even had a picnic on the wall, even though it was a coolish day. We also enjoyed one of the ranger programs and the cannon demo afterwards. Next time we'll plan to climb the lighthouse.


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