Monday, May 27, 2013

Oh Savannah!

Before leaving Jacksonville, FL, I got to visit with my 2 beautiful nieces, Laura and Christy. They are my sister Barbara's daughters. I know she's pretty jealous right about now...

But the main reason I was in Jacksonville was to pick up my Aunt Mimi and take her on a road trip to Pennsylvania. She's thinking about moving up there, and wanted to check out things first.

Because she was riding along, and not too thrilled to be doing so, we didn't stop too many places. But we did go to Savannah for a couple nights. While there we went on a trolley tour of the city.

The old houses were amazing, and centered around a bunch of squares - small parks with statues or fountains in them.

I love the ivy growing under these stairs.

Several times, famous people got on the trolley to speak to us. I'm sure everyone recognized Forrest Gump, who sat on a bench in one of Savannah's squares to tell his story in the movie.

You can get off and on the trolley at any one of their stops. We got off at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The outside was going through a major renovation, so no photo there, but the inside was amazing.

I always check out the Stations of the Cross in Catholic churches. These were hand carved, and incredibly detailed. The most unusual ones I've seen are still the ones in Tahiti. You can read that post here.

The Juliette Gordon Low house (founder of the Girl Scouts) would have been a nice stop if it hadn't also been undergoing a major renovation.

Down by the river are some old buildings near the old Savannah Cotton Exchange. I just loved all the different layers of construction.

The most famous statue here is that of a young girl and her dog, waving to passing ships.

Kind of a "The End" shot, huh?


  1. I wish my hip hadn't of been bothering me last fall so I could have toured Savannah. The trolley tour sounded interesting.

  2. If Barbara is jealous that you visited her girls, then she needs to head east, too! ;c)

    I give you extra points for that clever "End" shot.

  3. Well dagnabit. I was in Savannah and didn't do that tour. Sounds like a good one. It's on my list for 'next time'. I did get to see the Juliette Gordon Low house. Put that on your 'next time' list. I 3rd the fine 'the end' shot.

  4. We did the trolly tour Christmas before last. Glad we did. We would never have seen all we saw in a few hours.

    If you get up that way with your RV, check out Skidaway Island State Park. It's right south of Savannah, on the edge of the city. Great park and not expensive.

  5. Nice tour of Savannah. I was there decades ago, but don't remember anything about it. No blogs to document my trip back then.

  6. You're right, I'm jealous. Thanks for the nice picture of them.


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