Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Uh - Oh.....

Well, I never thought I'd be making a sign like this...

And look at the holes in my pants!

Time to hit the road. I'm all packed up. The only problem is that my liquor bottle is empty...

Our other costume dance at the Bandera, TX Dance Rally was hobo night. We were greeted at the door by this not-too-lively guy. Hmmmm.... Looks like he might have something in his liquor bottle. Maybe he won't notice if I help myself...

The hobo gang posed for pictures with the band.

On another night, we had "Dress Up Night." The band invited the women up on stage to shake their booties. I said it just wouldn't be right if I didn't stay behind to take pictures.

Betty and Troy were the dance instructors. They are good, but string together too many different moves. We're old, we can't remember that much...

Bandera is a real cowboy town. People actually come to town riding horses.

All too soon, it was time to leave and go (gasp!) east of the Mississippi. Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but family calls.


  1. Can't believe you're crossing the big Missiissip!

  2. I think we'll be crossing that river next year and I'm not really too thrilled about it either. But family calls.

  3. I thought I felt the earth shake, but it was only you crossing the Mississippi. Obviously you didn't go willingly.

    Who drank all the booze in your empty bottle? Or is that how you prepared yourself to head east??? ;c)

    Make sure to bring that outfit with you, after paying for campgrounds in the east, those clothes will be more in line with what little money you'll have left! :cO

  4. HOBO Party! I still have vivid remembrance of the first New Years Party at the Holtville LTVA. It was a HOBO Party! Already so long ago.

  5. So fun to see the pictures of everybody dressed up, although I don't recognize anybody except you and Phil.

  6. You guys crack me up with your costume parties! Very creative.

  7. Welcome back east! ITS getting hot. The Dance looks FUN...y'all are so creative with your costumes.


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