Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bluebonnet Country

We stopped in Kerrville, TX for a few days to look for bluebonnets. It wasn't a great year for flowers, but I managed to find some anyway.

This is kind of cheating, but if you go to Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, you will see lots of flowers.

Red bluebonnets! Why don't they just call them redbonnets?

The best place for seeing bluebonnets in the wild is on the Willow City Loop road. But the first thing you see on the loop is this fence with boots on it. So cute! It goes on for quite a ways.

We did see lots of bluebonnets along the side of the road. I can't imagine what it's like in a good year!


We also went by Enchanted Rock, a pinkish gigantic rock that you can walk to the top of.

After Kerrville, we moved on to the little cowboy town of Bandera. Wait a minute - I was promised cowboys, not motorcycles!

I did see an oldtimer cowboy, talking on his old cell phone.

Finally, the dance rally started. Our first activity was a beach party down by the river. And who transported us down to the river? That very same oldtimer!

On the grounds are some Texas Longhorns. All we need now are some cowboys!

It was a great party, with games and lots of good food. Still looking for cowboys though...


  1. You are a month late for bluebonnets but Willow Loop does have some spectacular years when we have gotten a little rain.

  2. The gig is up - now everyone knows I am a month behind on the blog..... :-)

  3. Tight jeans on that cowboy would work for me. The saguaros are really starting to bloom here but next week the heat really kicks in and we'll lose a lot of our flowers.

  4. So I see you didn't find any cowboys blooming. Must be too late in the season... ;c)

  5. Those flowers must have been beautiful. I wonder what's enchanted about the rock.

  6. Beautiful countryside with those flowers, but the bikes and longhorns were something special.

  7. Really liked that Boot fence .. very cool!


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