Friday, August 15, 2008

More on Ely

There is so much to see in Ely. We were here for a week, and wanted to stay longer. A really cute mural shows the local wildlife.

There was a quilt show going on, and I found my favorite...

Here's a closeup of my favorite part! Just look at that beautiful stitching!

One thing Ely seems to have is an abundance of clever t-shirts.

I really liked this one.

A lot mention the bug population.

And this is my personal favorite. So suitable for RVers.

What's this? Another shot at seeing the area from the air! The local golf course was raising funds by offering helicopter rides.

Once again, I got the best seat! (Gee, how old do you have to be to be a helicopter pilot?? Oh well, I think he's at least 16...)

This was a short ride, over to Burntside Lake on the outskirts of Ely.

I just can't resist these helicopter and airplane tours. Ones I've covered in past blogs are Invermere, BC, Sedona and my favorite, Glacier Natl Park.


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