Sunday, August 31, 2008

Exploring Rocky Mt Natl Park

On my first day exploring the park, I wanted to do a hike to Mills Lake. But this is bear country and my rule is to find one person that I can outrun. My first choice was this woman in a long skirt. She was younger, but really hampered by that skirt!

But wait! Here's a better choice. Graham, in the red shirt, is celebrating his 83rd birthday by hiking with his family. He looks in pretty good shape, but I still think I can outrun him.

Along the way is beautiful Alberta Falls.

The trail has some great scenery, but the it was pretty rocky.

Finally, Mills Lake! Almost 3 miles from the trailhead.

This is the view looking back the way I came.

I walked a little farther to the next lake, Jewel Lake.

When I came back to Mills Lake, Graham and his family were having their party.

A very friendly ground squirrel-chipmunk(?) climbed on my leg and tried to get some of my lunch.

There were several sets of workers along the way improving the trail. On my way to the lake one of these three was working while the other two were supervising. But when I came back, they were getting their picture taken and all 3 appeared to be working!


  1. Your photos bring back memories of the many hikes that I had taken in RMNP. Thank you.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous pictures of what looks like a great hike! Good bear plan.

  3. That squirrel looks really mean and hungry to me. Did you share?

    The lake pictures are beautiful!!

  4. Mills Lake is so beautiful. Love that crystal clear water. Thanks for sharing with your blog!

  5. That really does look like a perfect hike, but I'm afraid 6 miles is out of the question right now.


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