Friday, June 27, 2008


For a town of only 25,000, Owatonna has some nice photogenic attractions. Union Depot was built in 1887.

I really liked the huge Cabella's. I got lots of great wildlife shots from some very cooperative subjects.

This bank is rather famous, the most well known of architect Louis Sullivan's creations.

This chandeliers inside weigh 2 1/4 tons each.

The bank was commemorated on a postage stamp in 1981.

Next to the fairgrounds where we were parked was the "Village of Yesteryear," where you can experience what life was like in Owatonna 100 years ago.

Built in 1891, this church was the first structure moved here.

We went on a tour of all 15 structures.

This was a room in the main house.

One interesting thing amoung the farm implements in the barn was this treadmill, made so the family dog could run the washing machine or the butter churn.


  1. Tread mill for your dog??? Isn't that cruelty to animals?? Where was PETA???

    Your pictures are beautiful. I felt like I was there!!!

  2. Yes, but do they have a Walmart? LOL Nice tour around town. That is funny about the treadmill. I wonder how they got the dog to do it. I think they're too smart for the dangle a carrot trick.

  3. I guess if a dog gets on a treadmill and there is no way off he runs. I think I need one of those.

  4. Loved the wild animal photo - you are SO brave!

    We took mom to Cabela's in Hamburg to see the animals but she liked Bass Pro Shop better because she could touch them. I don't think it was the accepted behavior, but she enjoyed patting noses, ears and rumps. (Of the stuffed animals!!!!)


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