Thursday, June 5, 2008

Miss Kitty's

When we arrived in Des Moines we intended to stay at the casino in nearby Altoona. They had a really cool one-armed bandit.

But ugly signs and too many trucks forced us to move on to the Sam's Club in Des Moines. What a great spot! Right next to a bike trail along the river.

We went dancing that night at Miss Kitty's, a great honky-tonk.

The "disco ball" was a saddle.

It had a good dance floor, and the restrooms were clearly marked.

Inside was a stall for "real cowgirls." I couldn't figure it out. I don't have a picture of the men's room, but it featured a one-way mirror in front of the urinals so the guys could keep track of their women while they took care of business.

These people could really dance!


  1. Miss Kittys - what a great name. Looks like fun. I assume you mean the one-way mirrors in the mens room looked out at the dance floor, not the ladies room!


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