Monday, September 2, 2019

Last Day in London - And It Was a Big One!

On our last day in London, we took our third bus trip. This one started out with a stop in Laycock, a cool little very old town. Both the George Inn, shown here -

And St. Cyriac's Church were built in the 1300s.

A view inside the church.

After lunch in Laycock, we moved on to the town of Bath.

Bath Abbey is spectacular!

I loved the ceiling -

And all the stained glass.

And we got a look at the Roman Baths, which are not used anymore. But they now have a new spa, which we didn't get to see.

We also walked over to see Pulteney Bridge, over the River Avon, built in 1774.

The gulls here are very friendly...

On the way to the next stop, we went by one of the 8 White Horses in the area. They were made around 1800 by uncovering the chalky cliff underneath the topsoil.

Arriving at our next stop, we hopped on a shuttle bus to take us out to -


Quoth the raven...

Stonehenge was built 4000-5000 years ago.

How in the world did they get the stones up on top???

This is what they think it originally looked like.

They transported the stones from Wales, 150 miles away. This is their guess on how the stones were moved.

It was a great day! I loved all three of our bus trips. By the way, they have some strange street signs in England...


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