Monday, September 16, 2019

The Northwest Corner of the Lower 48

We had a couple more outings from our base in Forks, WA. I've been to the Northeast corner of the lower 48, but I want to do all 4 corners. We WINs started off with a hike through the forest to get to the Northwest corner.

This is the view north when we got to the ocean.

And the view south.

And another view north when we got to the end of the trail.

From the viewpoint, we can see an island and a tiny rock off to the right.

Zooming in, we can see that there are sea lions on the tiny rock -

And a lighthouse on the island. I sure wish I had a boat...

I crawled down from the overlook to the actual Northwestern point. (Notice I'm carrying an umbrella to make sure it doesn't rain...

On another day, we did a trip to the Hoh Rain Forest in nearby Olympic National Park.

We went on a couple of beautiful trails.

One went by the Hoh River.

We met, and learned a lot about, these cute(?) little slugs.


  1. Tatoosh Island and the Cape Flattery Lighthouse, I had to look it up. Beautiful country up that way.


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