Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Moving on to Sequim (pronounced Skwim)

We showed up at the Sequim, WA Elks lodge with more rigs than we anticipated, but they were very accommodating. Not all of these rigs are ours, but most are. The ones in the middle are in storage. Thanks to our parking guru - he did a great job!

We went on a short hike in Railroad Bridge Park. I loved the bridge!

It goes over the Dungeness River.

The next day, we went to the Farmers Market and a car show in town.

This one's been here for a very long time...

And then on the next day, we went on a day trip to Port Townsend. This is where the ferry comes to take people and vehicles to Victoria, BC.

We found a cute little boat to pose in -

And this really strangely decorated vehicle.

They have the last remaining wooden fire bell tower in the US there.

We also went by the Jefferson County Courthouse, but unfortunately it was Sunday, so we couldn't go inside.

We drove by the Point Wilson Lighthouse, but unfortunately it is no longer open to the public.

Maybe they should just paint the roof white?

On our last day in Sequim, we hiked a little ways out on the Dungeness Spit.

Lots of driftwood on the way.

Wow, that's a lot of containers!

You can walk 5 miles out to the lighthouse, or you can just zoom in like I did...

On the way home, we saw a crab fisherman, and stopped to chat with him, and his hitchhiker.


  1. It is too bad you did not know in advance that you were going to visit the Point Wilson Lighthouse because arrangements can be made in advance for a private group tour even though there are not regular public viewing hours.

  2. I like the zooming in part versus the 5 mile hike. 😎


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