Saturday, September 14, 2019

I Made It to the Pacific Ocean!

The WINs moved next to Forks, WA, close enough to the ocean to go beach walking.

Our first outing was a trip to Rialto Beach, where we walked out to Hole in the Rock.

Our destination is that hole near the middle of the picture.

We left at 7am to make sure we got there at low tide so we could see the tide pools.

A couple of really fat Starfish. (?)

And a cute little critter.

Looking back through the Hole.

Some of the gang. I'm on the right.

We then drove over to La Push to First Beach.

I got a shot of this Cormorant taking off.

And Wow! Over on the island is a Bald Eagle!

And if that isn't enough, he flew over to sit on a great piece of RUSTY STUFF!!!


  1. It's a beautiful area, I've camped along there many times and let the noise of the ocean put me to sleep. You got some very nice pictures and I enjoy them very much.... Hugs


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