Saturday, September 22, 2018

64 Miles on the Rogue River

Moving south along the Oregon Coast, our next stop was about 5 miles up the Rogue River from Gold Beach. This is the view out my front door!

This was a very short stop, so the only thing I did was a jet boat trip up the Rogue River. Here we are getting started, passing under the Hwy 101 Patterson Bridge.

We saw lots of birds. This Great Blue Heron was at our dock.

And many Cormorants waved to us as we went by.

I got a blurry picture of these Common Mergansers. I didn't think they were common, but pretty special!

We saw lots of Great Egrets.

All before we passed our campsite, just 5 miles upstream.

But here's the big thrill - we saw a couple of Bald Eagles. This one was giving me the evil eye...

Upstream, we went under another bridge, and the sun came out!

There were some wildfires in the area, and the Forest Service was constantly pumping water out of the river.

This is a big salmon fishing area, and we saw lots of fishermen.

They were always happy to show off their catch, and I was glad our captain stopped frequently to see them, and to talk about the river.

We're still having fun!

When we got up the river towards our turn-around point, you could see smoke from the wildfires.

We stopped for lunch 32 miles upstream, in Agness. This route used to be the old mail boat route on the Rogue River.

Our trip back to Gold Beach was sunnier and warmer!

We met another proud salmon fisherman.

Back at our dock, we saw a great piece of rusty stuff! My day was complete!


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