Friday, September 21, 2018

A Beautiful Spot in Port Orford

Headed south from Florence, I stopped to try to see another lighthouse, but couldn't find it.

Unfortunately, in my quest, I wandered into some muddy quicksand, almost ruining my favorite shoes. But they survived after a few washings.

Arriving in Port Orford, we parked near the marina on a hilltop overlooking the ocean. A gorgeous spot for $10 a night!

Our first day there, we went to see Cape Blanco Lighthouse, the oldest standing lighthouse on the Oregon coast. Unfortunately, we were there the only day of the week that it is closed, so I had to make do with a zoomed photo.

Nearby is the Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery -

And one of the many unusual rocks on the Oregon Coast.

We also went on a short wetlands trail.

It was pretty cool!

The next day we went down to investigate the marina. We saw some interesting boats, and the lifts that are used to get them in and out of the water.

I even caught a photo bomber!

We saw a lot of crab pots -

And could see our rigs up on the hill.

And how do you know you are on the Oregon Coast? It's a little windy!

Good night from Port Orford!

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