Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Seaside and Cape Disappointment

One day during our stay in Astoria, we went to the cute little town of Seaside, Oregon.

There is a statue at the beach of Lewis and Clark -

And don't forget their dog, Seaman. His nose is very much loved...

Lewis and Clark got to the Pacific Ocean here -

And so did we!

This is where the expedition had their "Salt Works," where they boiled ocean water to make salt to preserve their meat for the long journey back to St Louis.

After that, we walked the boardwalk, where we found this serious fixer-upper right on the beach.

They have a carousel here -

And you can rent some really cool floaties to go on the river.

The next day we went across the bridge to Washington to go to Cape Disappointment State Park. We got a view of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, but didn't walk over to it. (Way down, then way up, and back...)

There is a fort here, dating back to the Civil War.

And a museum, which even contains some artifacts carried by a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition!

We then drove over to the North Head Lighthouse, also in the State Park.

We got a tour of this one, with a view of the North -

And the South.


  1. It sure is a beautiful area. Brings back memories of last summer:)

  2. Makes me sad that my granddaughters no longer live in Astoria, we visited all those sites you pictured a few years back. Happy memories.

  3. Smart people to use salt from sea water to preserve their meat.


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